Surface Design Association

The Surface Design Association is an international community engaged in the creative exploration of fibre & fabric. Their mission is to promote awareness & appreciation of the textile arts. Through member-supported publications, exhibitions & conferences, they strive to inspire creativity, encourage innovation, & advocate excellence.



Transportation & Tours

BC Ferries: Horseshoe Bay – Langdale

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., or BC Ferries, is known for safety, spectacular scenery and a proud maritime history. What began in 1960 as a two vessel, two terminal operation has grown into one of the largest, most sophisticated ferry transportation systems in the world. Our fleet serves a diverse range of communities – up to 47 ports of call – along the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

BC Ferries: Earls Cove – Saltery Bay

As the primary provider of coastal ferry service in the province, BC Ferries recognizes its unique role in the region’s economy. From maintaining a constant flow of goods and services, to linking families and friends, to attracting tourists to our many unique destinations, our company is a key participant in the development of coastal communities.



Pender Harbour Music Society Concert Series

The Pender Harbour Music Society was formed in 1987 to nurture, promote and enhance music, music education, and culture on the Sunshine Coast, particularly in the community of Pender Harbour, and to establish the Performance Centre as a centre for cultural development in the community.

Pender Harbour Jazz Festival

Each year, the world’s greatest jazz musicians gather in Pender Harbour.  Most performances are free and the venues are scattered throughout the villages of Pender Harbour.  Organizers provide an efficient bus service, great food, great ocean side ambience and music for every jazz taste.