September 16 to October 29, 2017

Four Elements – Joanne Weis, KY

Opening Reception – Meet the Artist
Saturday, September 16, 2017, 2 to 4pm
Exhibition continues thru to October 29, 2017

Joanne Weis is a mixed media textile artist in Louisville Kentucky whose work can be found in numerous private collections around the country. After retiring from a full career as a social worker, she got a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Louisville with a focus on fiber and textile. As past president of the Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists she juries and curates shows and promotes appreciation of fiber and textile art within the community.

Artist Statement

As a textile artist, I start with white fabric and cord, then develop the piece using a variety of dyeing, printing and embellishing techniques. The final layer is typically stitched with dyed cords, adding detail and texture. I get excited about every phase of the creative process – choosing and researching the subject matter, selecting the fiber, experimenting with techniques to achieve the look I want, handling, even smelling the silk, linen, hemp or other fabric, discovering new colors with dye, making composition and design decisions as the work grows, stitching into the cloth, touching the embroidered textures of the finished piece – all of these are thrilling and fulfilling. Most rewarding is when this art graces someone’s wall.

My art is frequently a visual expression of my social justice concerns. In “My Watershed”, I follow the trickle of water from our yard and the creek behind our home to the Gulf of Mexico. This collection speaks to a shared responsibility to keep our water safe, clean and healthy. With the “Four Elements” series, I am remembering how the ancients classified the material world around them, trying to understand creation, sometimes deifying their concrete world through their mythology.

Somewhere between Aristotle and today we have lost our sense of wonder.