We’re open by appointment only until March 25, 2016

After a very busy fall, FibreWorks Studio & Gallery is now open by appointment only (604-886-2380 or fibreworksstudio12887@gmail.com) through to March 25th, 2016. The gallery has a collection of local work – wardrobe accessories and cozy blankets/pillows to comfort us and the studio has lots of handspun yarn and fibres available.

We all need time to recharge our batteries and that seems to be true of artist/gallery owners as well. As the fall rains and winds remind us of Nature’s power, we have the comfort of studios and fires and creative time.

Mark these dates on your calendar for 2016:


March 26 to May 15 – “Whisperings” Anni Hunt & Catherine Nicholls
May 21 to July 03 – Jill Sullivan
July 09 to August 21 – “Edge of the Forest” Surface Design Association
August 27 to October 09 – Jane Dunnewold
October 10 to 30 – International Fungai & Fibre Symposium


August 17 – Felted Hat Making – Jill Denton
August 19 to 21 (3 days) – Creative Felting – Jill Denton
August 22 to 26 – Artists-in-residence – Jill Denton/Michelle Sirois Silver
August 28 to August 30 (3 days) – Purposeful Imagery – JaneDunnewold
August 31 & September 01 – Improvisational Design for Digitally Printed Fabric – Jane Dunnewold
September 05 to September 07 (3 days) – Multi-coloured Printing with Interacing Stencils – Jane Dunnewold
September 08 & 09 – Soy Wax Crayons and Paste – Jane Dunnewold
September 10 or 11 – Beginner Rughooking – Jill Denton
October 17 to 22 – International Fungai & Fibre Symposium with artists-in-residence


Notes for September 2015

We’ve had some much needed rain on the Sunshine Coast and now we’re into the fall sunshine – warm days and cool nights and permission to spend time in our studios.

“Mended” – an exhibition by 25 members of the Surface Design Association of BC/Yukon opened Sat. August 29th – during a power failure! Seventy visitors enjoyed the exhibition by the natural light through the yurt domes and relaxed in the afternoon sunshine. The “Mended” exhibition continues through to Sunday, October 04th – visitors are enjoying the art and the stories of ‘mending’.

In conjunction with the ‘mended’ exhibition, some of the artists are participating in weekend stitch-ins at FibreWorks. The photos above are a few of the public participants who are giving stitching a try.

Scheduled artists – Saturday, Sept. 26th – Catherine Nicholls and Anni Hunt; Wednesday, Sept. 30th – Thomas Roach and Jennifer Love; Saturday, October 03 – Jill Sullivan.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Also in the gallery:

Saturday, October 10th – 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. marks the opening of “Finding Treasures” featuring the colourful silks of Amber Friedman and coiled linen treasures by Erin Hamilton.

Exhibition details will follow in the next week.

In the Studio:

Weaver’s Circle with Mary Bentley returns to normal scheduling, effective September.

9:30 thru to 4:30 each Wednesday, providing an opportunity for weavers to work with Mary and learn from her tremendous expertise. Beginners thru to experienced welcome. Drop in fee is $10.00.

Spin-In returns to normal scheduling, beginning with the last Thursday of September, and continuing with the last Thursday of each month. We create a spinner’s circle in the studio (or on the deck) and share spinning and fibre tales. Everyone is welcome – please bring something for the potluck lunch table. A great opportunity to explore spinning techniques and a variety of wheels.

Notes from FibreWorks Studio & Gallery – April 2015

The dandelions are blooming, our gardens are filled with daffodils, hyacinths and tulips and the robins and hummingbirds are enjoying it all – welcome to Spring on the Sunshine Coast!

In the gallery:

“Spring in the Rainforest” continues through to Sunday, May 24 – featuring the rainforest papers of Jan MacLeod, using ferns, mosses, seeds and grasses to make her paper baskets, vases, books and cards; Trisha Joel’s natural dyed and eco-printed scarves; Jennifer Love’s botanically inspired hangings, and much more.

Our regular days and hours of operation – Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Jackie Abrams – Cathead Baskets – June 02 to 04, 2015 – www.jackieabrams.com

Many of you will remember Jackie with her wonderful handpainted paper woven baskets when she taught at FibreWorks a few years ago – at that time, she focused on hexagonal weaves and resurfacing objects. We are very excited to announce that Jackie will be joining us again, by popular request, to teach the “cathead basket” technique. This workshop is now full and we are maintaining a wait list for this workshop.

We are thrilled to announce that Jill Denton (felt artist from the UK) is joining us at FibreWorks after a three-year absence. Jill’s exhibition, “Maids and Meadows” will open Sunday, May 31, and Jill is offering two felting workshops (see attached). To register, please call or email.

Mary Bentley – master of ‘summer and winter’ weaving techniques, is offering an 8 shaft workshop in August (please see attached). This is an opportunity to explore a weave structure that provides endless variations of colour and texture.

In the studio:

FibreWorks is working in partnership with Sunshine Coast Spinners & Weavers Guild (www.scswg.org) and BC’s Sunshine Coast Fibreshed (www.sunshinecoastfibreshed.ca) to support and encourage local fibre producers. Please follow the link to check out the videos of sheep shearing and fibre exploration of Round Table Farms Icelandic flock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36jxUds6Tww&list=UUZOeEc3mvsZMzLcmWJszWPw

We are very excited about the variety of fibre possibilities on the Sunshine Coast and we know we have just begun to explore the selections!

Weaver’s Circle with Mary Bentley

Weaver’s Circle has moved to Thursdays for the next few months, to accommodate Mary’s schedule. The drop in starts at 9:30 thru to 4:30 each Thursday, providing an opportunity for weavers to work with Mary and learn from her tremendous expertise. Beginners thru to experienced welcome. Drop in fee is $10.00.


The last Tuesday of each month (note change of date) we create a spinner’s circle in the studio (or on the deck) and share spinning and fibre tales. Everyone is welcome – please bring something for the potluck lunch table. A great opportunity to explore spinning techniques and a variety of wheels.

Enjoy Spring – see you at the yurts!

Maids and Meadows – Jill Denton, UK

Maids and Meadows – Jill Denton, UK opens May 30 with “meet the artist” reception Saturday May 30 – 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

The exhibition continues through to July 12, 2015. Jill will be an “artist-in-residence” at FibreWorks June 8 to 16.

Under My Feet

Under My Feet – A group exhibition opens Saturday, October 11 with a “meet the artists” reception from 2 to 4 p.m.

What is under my feet? Layers of soil, rocks, roots, earthworms; fallen leaves, new grass, seaweed; tiles, shoes, lego (as suggested by a new mom). What provides our foundation as we move through our days?

Artists were invited to share their story and their art – and the jury committee took on the difficult task of selecting entries.

Twenty-six artists, including 12 from the Sunshine Coast, answered the call in the form of 2D and 3D work that will fill the gallery with texture and colour. Under My Feet continues through to Sunday, November 23.

Spring is here!

Pat Crucil - Vessels

Spring has arrived on the Sunshine Coast–the crocuses are blooming and the robins are singing! The sun has arrived on the deck at the yurts and spring cleaning is in full swing.

We have an exciting season planned for FibreWorks Studio & Gallery, beginning with “Materialize”–an exhibition by the Sunshine Coast Surface Design Association. We have such a talented group of artists working with fibres, fabrics and multi-media and it is a pleasure to showcase this collection beginning April 05 (Saturday – 2 to 4 pm) with an opening reception. Many of the artists will be in attendance to answer questions about their inspirations and techniques.

We have postponed Kerrie Ann Riles (Australia) exhibition due to illness. Many of you will remember Kerrie Anne from her artist-in-residency period at FibreWorks two years ago. We wish her a speedy recovery and a return to her creative practices.

Mark your calendar with the following dates for exhibitions at FibreWorks for 2014:

  • April 05 to May 25- “Materialize” – Sunshine Coast Surface Design Association
  • June 01 to July 13 – “thr3fold unfinished business” (Laura & Linda Kemshall; Catherine Nicholls)
  • July 19 to August 24 – “Recovery Method” -Michelle Sirois-Silver
  • August 30 to October 05 – “Paper Beauties” – Anna du Bois
  • October 11 to November 23 – Under My Feet – group exhibition
  • November 29 to January 05, 2015 – seasonal exhibition

Workshop plans include Catherine Nicholls, Elin Noble, Mary Bentley, Sara Lamb and more…

Details for exhibitions and workshops will be posted on this website as soon as they are finalized.

We are so pleased that Elin Noble has recovered from her illness of last fall and will return to FibreWorks to present two workshops in October, 2014. Please note, we have 4 spaces available in “Additions/Subtractions” and 6 spaces in “Alternative Marbling”.

In the studio; we have local alpaca and llama fibres and lots of colour to enhance our feelings of spring.

Weaver’s Circle with Mary Bentley will begin at the end of April–every Wednesday, beginning at 9:30 a.m.–a great opportunity to explore the art of weaving with a wonderful instructor.

Enjoy the spring flowers and showers–see you at the yurts!


Our Very Best Wishes!

Very best wishes for a Merry Christmas filled with light, warmth and friendship.

Made by Hand 2013 continues at FibreWorks Gallery through to Sunday, January 5th with lots of colour and texture to take you right through the winter season.

FibreWorks Gallery will be closed for exhibitions through to the beginning of April 2014.

Look for exhibitions by Kerri Anne Riles of Australia; thr3fold of the UK and Vancouver; Michelle Sirois-Silver of Vancouver; Anna du Bois of Vancouver, and more…

Workshop plans will be finalized in the new year, with sessions by Kerri Anne Riles, Catherine Nichols, Elin Noble, Mary Bentley, Sara Lamb and more…

Details for exhibitions and workshops will be posted on this website in the new year.

If you’re looking for spinning/felting fibres or handspun yarns, FibreWorks Studio will be open by appointment only (604-883-2380 or fibreworksstudio12887@gmail.com) January 06th through to April 1st 2014.

May your 2014 be filled with the joy of colour, texture and creativity.

October News

Greetings All!

It’s been a tense few days, but Elin Noble’s work has arrived and walking into the gallery is awesome!

Opening reception is tomorrow – Saturday, October 5th – 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome! Unfortunately, due to ill health, Elin is unable to join us – but she will be with us in spirit through her wonderful silk panels.

Workshops – Colour Play and Colour Impressions with Jennifer Love – October and November.

We still have spaces available in both of these classes and are taking registration by telephone, email or in person. Please note, the Colour Play workshop will also be of interest to those of us who work with yarn, not just fabric. Unspun fibres and yarn can be dyed using this method – Procion MX works best on plant-based fibres.

Low Immersion Dyeing with Fibre Reactive Dyes

Teacher: Jennifer Love

Sat & Sun – Oct 26/27; 10am to 4pm

$180.00 + GST; Materials fee tba

Learn how to create your own hand-dyed fabrics using various colour combinations in fibre-reactive dyes, blending them with different proportions and techniques. The small amount of water used makes these techniques possible even in restricted circumstances – anyone can do this!

On Day 1 we will cover the technique of two-colour gradation dyeing – we’ll use large glass jars or zip-lock bags and end up with a range of 9 fabrics that all work well together.

On Day 2 we will experiment with simple methods of layering, clamping, binding and manipulating fabric to create visually complex fabric, using wide-bottomed trays and basins. You will leave with a range of wonderful fabrics to use in your next quilt or fibre art project. No experience required.

Procion MX Printing and Painting

Teacher: Jennifer Love

Sat & Sun – Nov 16/17; 10am to 4pm

$180.00 + GST; Materials fee tba

Jennifer will introduce you to some of the fun techniques she uses when printing and painting fabric with thickened fibre reactive dyes. Painting with squeeze bootles, printing with rollers & brushes, blockprinting, screenprinting, impression printing and more – this will be a good introduction to the many and varied methods for mark making on fabric. Some previous experience with dyes useful but not mandatory.

See you at the yurts!

- Yvonne

Primitive Elegance until September 29!

“Primitive Elegance” continues through to September 29th!  Don’t miss this exceptional exhibit.

“Many Faces of Indigo” workshop – Saturday August 24 – with Ros Aylmer is now full. We are maintaining a “wait list” and if enough interest is shown, we will schedule a second day.

“Alternative Marbeling” with Elin Noble has only 4 spaces left; however, we need 2 more participants in “Folds” with Elin Noble to make it possible to move ahead with that one.

We are very pleased to announce that Jennifer Love will be teaching two workshops in October/November, 2013 – “Colour Play” and “Colour Impressions”. Jennifer’s opening exhibition at FibreWorks this spring generated a lot of excitement for colour and texture and these workshops respond to the many requests to work with Jennifer to explore her techniques.

Registration for the workshops is by email or telephone.

Have a great summer – see you at the yurts!

- Yvonne

Architextiles opens June 22nd!


Jennifer Cooper, Pam Dangerfield, Gail Hunt, Nancy Riemersma, Lilly Thorne & Patt Wilson

June 22 – August 9, 2013

“Meet Artists” Reception – June 22 – 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

12887 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Madeira Park (in the yurts!)