Featured Artists


Jane Dunnewold

Jane Dunnewold is a professional artist, teacher, and author of Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design on Fabric (Interweave 2010) and several other self-published books.


Jill Denton

I have worked for most of my life with textiles in one way or another, and now work mainly in handmade felt, to which I was introduced about 15 years ago. It is an absorbing and addictive technique, which never fails to engage those who try it.


Patt Wilson

Wilson’s work has won numerous awards and been exhibited throughout North America and beyond. She has taught quilt making since 1995 and is dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of artistic self-expression through cloth, thread, and surface design.


Mary Bentley

Mary Bentley has a Certificate in Clay & Textiles from Capilano University, North Vancouver. She was a weaving instructor in the Fashion Design Department at Kwantlen College and at the University-College of the Fraser Valley.


Erin Hamilton

Erin works in a variety of mediums including hand embroidery, knitting, weaving and coiled basket sculptures.


Amber Friedman

In the beginning there was white… then something began to emerge. Over pieces of stretched silk, my wax pen would take hold of my hand and scribble this flowing energy often rising from the bottom of my frame to the top. I would notice an eye, a mouth, a pattern that was maybe a skirt or cloak. Adding dyes and layers of wax soon brought forth these new people into my life.


Anna du Bois

Apart from some art lessons that I had attended as a child in Moscow, and oil painting classes that I had in Cape Town, I am largely self-taught, experimenting with different techniques and themes, with many failures and an occasional success along the way!


Elin Noble

Elin is the author of Dyes & Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric, winner of the 1999 Independent Publisher book award for the best “How-To Book”.


Jennifer Love

My medium is usually fabric – fabric that has been dyed, printed with a myriad of different techniques, and then layered and stitched and cut away and stitched again.


Marilyn Foubert – Vancouver

Gathering “objects from nature” has been a life-long passion for me – little blessings that hold a power of their own. I feel a sense of great joy in discovering their place in these woven works.