Wendy Browne


My show, “Positive Fallout” is about power, faith, discipline, whimsy, survival, change, spirit, symbolism, and inner essence. It is a reflection of the desire for transformation and the tenacity required of me to create a body of work consistent with and reflective of a cohesive thought process. I have never considered my work to be main stream and I don’t strive to make it so. My wish has been to successfully convey an emotion within the piece, disturbing or pleasing as that may be to the viewer. The discipline required to do this has been a very positive experience. Tenacity is powerful.

My imperfect understanding of the development and change in my work has not destroyed the validity of pieces which I often deem unworthy during the process of their creation. Creating a piece of work I neither like nor understand at the time, presents me with two choices. I can give up, crumple the work, walk away in disgust and irritation, or, I can stick with it, improve and learn not only about myself, but about the entire process of creating a piece that satisfies me.

We likely all know an artist whose work seems “stuck”, who then starts to transform in ways we did not expect. Those artists are neither more nor less talented than ourselves. They simply spend requisite hours working determinedly.

Many of the pieces for this show are quite tiny, but they reflect my desire to acknowledge, understand, and accept the state of mind I was experiencing while making them. Some are full of determined hope, some a resistance to change. They are full of symbolism and my inner essence.  All are a reflection of the world as I see it. My strength has been to stick with this thought process (no matter how repetitive) without dwelling on how others will perceive it, until I am satisfied.

The discipline of focusing intently on this body of work for so long, strangely, has allowed me to tumble away from it now. I see a path, but can’t see where I’m heading. I must have faith, tenacity, hope, power and a desire to stay in touch with my inner essence for another transformation to be possible…