New Ownership

We are very pleased to announce that effective November 01, 2017 – FibreWorks Studio & Gallery will be under new ownership. Reg & Yvonne’s announcement of retirement for the fall of 2017 generated many questions among the fibre arts world as to the future of FibreWorks. We can now assure you that under the guidance of Alexis Bach – there will continue to be a thriving fibre arts community at the yurts.

I have been a creative person my entire life, expressing myself through music in my younger days, and exploring with colour and textures in recent years. My love of working with shape, colour and the layering of textures was given form when I was introduced to fibre almost a decade ago. The rich sensory nature of fibre drew me in, enriched and challenged my creative process. I work mainly with both wet & needle felting, am an avid knitter and love detailed intricacy of hand stitching.

I have been a teacher for the past 15 years and a mother for 9, choosing to leave my Montessori classroom after the birth of my daughter.

I remained at home with my children Logan and Isabel in order to be the primary guide & educator for them along their learning path of life. As they have grown older, I am finding I have the ability and freedom to explore another path which enriches and sustains me as well as my family. I am excited to be taking on FibreWorks at the end of the tenth anniversary season and plan to continue the wonderful work which Yvonne has begun. FibreWorks will remain a community of supportive creativity for Fibre Arts on the Sunshine Coast where individuals can be inspired by and instructed in the various fibre arts processes.

Being predominantly self – taught in fibre arts, the process of exploration, experimentation, reflection & discovery is vital to me, bringing new inspiration, and the dynamic flow of growth with each new project. Through my relationships in mentoring others in my life I value the importance of spontaneous discovery, collaboration and the unrelenting passion in my students which revitalizes and renews my own commitment to the cycle of of living, loving, learning and in turn mentoring, which is my life’s path.

Looking forward to seeing you at the yurts – Alexis!

You will have an opportunity to meet Alexis throughout the remainder of the 2017 celebration season, as she learns the operation and meets the wonderful artists and visitors that make FibreWorks a special destination.

We know you will receive Alexis and her family with the same warm welcome shown to Reg and Yvonne over the past 10 years.

Yvonne will continue on in the studio and provide a home for Weaver’s Circle and spin-ins – so most of the changes next season will remain ‘behind the scenes.’